Dealing with Political Differences.

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2 Responses to Dealing with Political Differences.

  1. RMAU says:

    Consider the goal of your conversation. Talking about politics can quickly derail a conversation that you’re having, even if it started in an entirely different place. Are you trying to change the mind of your friend by having this conversation? Are you trying to impress her with your knowledge? Or maybe just venting frustration?

  2. WomensNews says:

    Most of us grew up learning to avoid speaking about politics and religion in public. Many of us also remember the dinner-table squabbles with parents who just “didn’t get it” about music, the current administration or really anything else that was truly cool. But few of us have had adequate preparation for political divisions with our romantic partners. Have you ever had a relationship derailed by discovering that the other person is so misinformed as to disagree with your clearly superior opinion about some issue? Is it possible to love someone deeply, yet deeply disagree about the direction the government should be taking?

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